One of the main areas of activity of GRAFORM company is the production of advanced tools for plastics processing.

We make:

  • Injection molds weighing up to 10 tons
  • Blow molds
  • The machining on CNC machines
  • Repair and maintenance of moulds

Our tool provides comprehensive customer service.


We offer our clients full support in the production of tools for plastics processing.

Starting with preparation of an offer, a design stage, a stage of preparation of technologies for assembly and ending with tests carried out within our own injection moulding machine department.

We have an experienced staff of designers working on  8 CAD stations equipped  in CATIA and NX programs.

The program for the simulation of injection process provides support calculating the deformation of parts and optimization mold design.

The design stage is carried out with the use of the newest CAD/CAM software. The software makes it possible to eliminate any faults and defects at this early stage and avoid operational problems down the line. The designing process is constantly supervised by experienced constructors who regularly consult the client as the process progresses. Consequently, even the most complex moulds are produced efficiently and quickly.

3D model / injection analysis/ mould designe / mould making / injected parts

Project menagement

  • A detailed schedule from customer order to project finish;
  • A detalied plan with milestones;
  • Qualified staff and and knowledge of the requirements of the automotive industry;
  • Knowledge of PPAP approval procedure;
  • PRINCE 2 certified project managers;

Machine park

We have modern machinery that allows to produce about 50 molds per year. On our machine park consists of 36 machines:

1100×700 (3 osie), 4000kg;
1300x1200x650 (5 osi), 10000kg;

Electroerosion sparking

Wire cutting
740x490x600, 800kg

800×1000, 2000kg

Surface grinding

Cylinder grinding




Injection moulds

The main recipients of the moulds produced by GRAFORM include the automotive, electrotechnical and lighting industry. Our modern and constantly expanded stock of machine tools as well as the experienced staff of toolmakers guarantee a precision of the production. We specialize in the production of moulds of high structural and technological difficulty level. As far as our injection moulds are concerned, we guarantee full dimensional control, including statistical quality control of the produced parts and full PPAP procedure


GRAFORM also offers services concerned with repair and regeneration of injection moulds.


Apart from using our machines in the production of tools, Graform company also undertakes cooperative orders. We have a well equipped and modern stock of machines which enables us to provide metalworking services.